Thin-layer heat protection coatings

MANTI® heat protection

Technology and mode of action

ceramic-1.jpgThe MANTI® CERAMIC heat protection coating is Műszer Automatika Kft.'s own research project. The technology has existed for a long time now, the foundation of it is the ceramic and glass microspheres contained in an organic binder, within the spheres is an almost complete vacuum. This vacuum is partially responsible for the reduction of the different kinds of heat transport processes in the heat protetion coating.

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The different kinds of MANTI® CERAMIC products contain multiple kinds of additives that positively influence the properties of the products during their whole life cycle ( additives with water repelling and biocide effects). The MANTI® CERAMIC products are not available commercially, the whole process is carried out by contracted partners, who oversee each step from surveying to the application of the product.

The appilcation is done by airless sprayer devices to ensure the optimal heat protection. The MANTI® CERAMIC products cannot be applied with brushing or rolling, because the uneven surface created by the application results in a great reduction of heat protection efficiency.

MANTI® CERAMIC is recommended primarily for exterior applications, although prodoct types suitable for interior uses also exist.